diagnostic capabilities on
a whole new level

Automatic Wireless Diagnostic Scanner Equipment WITH Odb2 Key Programming Code Reader

integration diagnostic
isCAN 3

Continuing Professional Technical Capabilities And Resources In The Field Of Automotive Diagnostics For More Than 20 Years; Using The Latest Technology Platform To Provide A New Design And An Intuitive Operating Interface. It Is An Indispensable Diagnostic Tool For Any Car Repair Shop!

iSCAN 3 Is A New Generation Of Innovative Design

The ISCAN 3 offers the same excellent diagnostic coverage we have  all come to love, now on the Android Operating System!

over 40+ brands


Hardware design

The iSCAN 3 offers the same excellent diagnostic coverage we have come to love, now on the Android operating system with a State-of-the-art Hardware Design.

  • 10.1 inch IPS High Resolution Touch Screen Management
  • Wireless internet connection for software updates
  • Wireless printing capability
  • Built-in remote control and support for technical support
  • External memory storage compatibility
    User Friendly Interface
  • Graphical Menus
  • Data comparison for analysis (graphing live values)
  • Oscillogram presentation for easy problem identification
  • Instant search for online database from fault code page

iSCAN 3 OEM Diagnostic Tool

iSCAN 3 OEM Diagnostic Tool Automatic Wireless Diagnostic Scanner Equipment Odb2 Key Programming Code Reader. Can Completely Replace The Original Testing Equipment.

The iSCAN 3 using the latest technologies, taking diagnostic capabilities to a whole new level!

excellent diagnostic coverage

State-of-the-art Hardware Design


The iSCAN 3 Can Be Purchased In 2 Different Versions.

Kit info

all iScan 3 kits include

  • iSCAN 3 Carring Case
  • All plugs and connectors
  • Support for more than 40+ Vehicle types. Includes diagnostic, settings, programming and coding functions for Asian Cars, European Cars, American Cars, Australian Cars, Super Cars and Trucks.
  • Video tutorials for more in depth knowledge base.
  • Warranty

iSCAN 3 basic Kit

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  • Built in Wifi
  • Eequiped with obd2 key programming code reader
  • ISCAN Carrying Case
  • Plugs & Connectors
  • Warranty
  • Note: IMS Function can be added later




  • Built in Wifi
  • Equiped with obd2 key programming code reader
  • IMS Function
  • iSCAN 3 Carring Case
  • Plugs & Connectors
  • Video tutorials
  • Warranty

The IMS functions can be added at any time as well as wireless updates.

wide range

“The iSCAN 3 Is Pre-installed With Mercedes-benz, Bmw, Land Rover And Other Software, Especially Suitable For Overseas Models.”

– Contact us for list of over 40+ models

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